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01 Jun

Michael | Bondi NSW Australia

Posted by Mark Hayward

Michael from Bondi, NSW, Australia.
Wearing our We Make Our Truth | Black Long Sleeve Tee
Available at our pop-up stall at St Kilda Esplanade Market
Every Sunday 10-4pm


23 May

Long Sleeve Tees are in stock

Posted by Mark Hayward

The ladies seem to be digging our new long sleeve t-shirts as well...same price
as their short sleeve counterparts at $45 or 2 for $80. Will update the website
soon but for now available only at St Kilda Esplanade Market, every Sunday 10-4pm.

* This customers came back to us via our instagram @siriusgrafik and left the
following comment:
"On this day i had a few issues with my family not believing in what i wanted to achieve.
So my aunty took me to the markets and i saw this shirt in the corner of my eye.
Once i read "we make our Truth" i knew it was a sign i had to buy it. I wore it to my
family dinner that night and all members of my family told me they would support me
no matter what i chose to do. Thank you @siriusgrafik <3"
 Ahhh...Our work here is done!